Electronic database for the maintenance work of waterways in the irrigation and drainage directorates:

Created at:2021-06-08

Prepared by:Salwa M. Abou El Ella

For the fruitful cooperation between the National Water Research Center represented by the Channel Maintenance Research Instituteand the sectors of the ministry are represented by the irrigation sector and the Egyptian General Authority for Drainage Projects. CMRI designed and implemented an electronic connection programbetween the institute and the directoratesof irrigation and drainage.The program aims to prepare an accurate electronic database for all watercourse maintenance work and its costs,with linking program outputs to geographic information systems (GIS) to display them in the form of a Geo database.To assist the Ministry's decision-makers in evaluating and developing maintenance work in the irrigation and drainage directorates.The institute has supplied 60 irrigation and drainage directorates with 60 computers equipped with the program and 60 routers. Also train 2 engineers in eachdirectorate on the mechanism of work and operation of the program.