“Hydraulic Study of Bahr Yousef canal to increase Water' conveying and Distribution Efficiency":


Prepared by:Dr. Emam A. Osman

The Project was carried out in canal of Bahr Yousef(287 km length), which is exposed to many hydraulic problems that led to decrease the discharge downstream Deirutbarrage in Asuit Governorate (inlet) from 19 to 15.50 million m3/day. The Project aimed to improve the hydraulic efficiency of Bahr Yousef to carry the required discharge for satisfying water' demand and equitable distribution. Field measurements such hydrographical surveying for 75 Km distance, which is distributed along Bahr Yousef Canal to exam previous surveying and quantity of sedimentations, which is measured by JicaOrganization. Also, velocity measurements, discharge and water losses determinations, and hydraulic efficiency evaluation. Result of the project will help to implement practical solutions to increase Bahr Yousef hydraulic efficiency.