Inventory and Classification of aquatic weeds:


Prepared by:Yasser Mahmoud

Channel maintenance research institute study the inventory and classification of different types of aquatic weeds by using satellite images at different locations (Nile basin countries, Lake Nasser, Khors), also it annually study the inventory and classification of different types of aquatic weeds (submerged, floating , ditch bank) weeds allover Egypt (irrigation, drainage, Nile protection and development) sectors, where data are collected from these sectors and analyzed to calculate (infestation areas, total and average infestation percentage, infestation percentage for different types of aquatic weeds, as well as to clarify the methods of maintenance in different sectors and mechanical equipment’sused in addition to the annual financial cost of maintenance and aquatic weedsremoval. The infestation rates of the current year were compared to the rates of infection in previous years in different sector, to illustrate the difference in infection percentage (increasing or decreasing) from 1996 to current year. The institute is now preparing a proposal about Smart Aquatic Weeds Management in Nile River Using Satellite Images to monitor aquatic weeds and determine the areas and percentage of infestation in the Nile River and its branches, by mathematical model using satellite images instead of the traditional methods, because they are more accurate for predicting the infestation area. Monitoring will be carried out periodically and continuously, reducing the risk of increased infestation areas of aquatic weeds, and help to clarify the suitable maintenance programs for different types of aquatic weeds.