Open channels maintenance (Tawfiky Diversion):


Prepared by:Mohamed Salah

As a result, from the morphological changes ofopen channels cross sections resulted from deposition in the canals bed and banks, they are unable to carry the required discharge,the probabilities of flood over canal banks occurrence Increases, the canals are unable to fulfillment the required water levels to sufficient distribution of water in branch canals in downstream reaches. Periodic maintenance programs are carried out for open channels to improve their hydraulic efficiency to be able to convey the required amounts of water to the end users. Tawfiky diversion is considered one of the most important open channels in EGYPT that serveDelta region.TheMinistry of Water Resourcesand Irrigationnow a day is interested in increasing its capacity to fulfillment the requirements of users. Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation adopted an intensive maintenance program to increase the efficiency of this important ware course. Channel maintenance research institute shared in most of these maintenance program activities including primary studies, field measurements, identifying the less efficient reaches, estimating deposit quantities, monitoring, and evaluating the achievement