Delta -Barrage research station:

Delta Barrage research station was established in 1981 to support the research programs and studies on herbivorous fish (grass carp) for biological control of aquatic weeds. The station was subjected to several upgrading stages and includes a number of labs equipped with the required facilities. The station is also provided with 11 earthen ponds with a total area of 3000 m2for raising grass carp and fingerlings. The station includes the following laboratories:

a) Hydraulic laboratory

The hydraulic lab supports various hydraulic researches for open channels and includes artificial flume 30 m length and 1.10 m width equipped with sufficient devices for hydraulic measurements.

b) Analysis labs and fish breading

The analysis labs in CMRI are considered good base for specialized analytical studies on the impacts of pollutants, in open water channels, on aquatic living organisms and biological control efficiency. The labs perform physiological analysis for fish and aquatic weeds in order to determine impact of pollutants, soil structure pollution analysis and water quality analysis. Analyses laboratories include:- Fish physiology and fish diseases lab, Plant lab, and Soil and water lab.

Bahteam research station:

The station was established for running experiments on water consumption by aquatic weeds and also using aquatic weeds in water treatment. The station includes four earthen bonds with a total area of 2050 m2 for raising grass carp brood stock and fingerlings.