Open Channel Design Department

The department performs planning and design of open channels, deduces empirical equations for stable channels based on Egyptian regime and design channel side slope protection works. The department also designs and performs hydraulic evaluation for aquatic weeds’ barriers. The department includes three technical units as follow:-

A- Water Channel Design Unit

Unit activities include:
- Open channels design (canals - drains).
- Design and evaluate open channels coverage.
- Deduce design equations based on various flow regimes. Rehabilitation of water courses to increase hydraulic efficiency of open channels.

B- Hydraulic Modeling Unit

Unit activities include:
- Using physical and mathematical models in designing open channels and performing various operational scenarios.
- Develop the institute technical programs.

C- Development and Design of Weed's Barriers Unit

Unit activities include:
- Design aquatic weed’s barrier.
- Improving existing weed’s barriers in Egypt.
- Evaluating hydraulic performance of varies types of weed’s barriers.

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